• Grass Livery £35.00 per week to include ad lib forage at cost.
  • DIY Livery from £49 per week to include forage supplement and box and free use of outdoor arena.
  • Half Liveries from £119 per week.
  • Full Liveries from £196 per week.

    Other rates by arrangement.
    Livery Charges exempt from VAT.

In the summer, for ponies at grass, it is not normally necessary to offer supplementary feed. In the winter they are fed ad lib big bale forage at an additional cost. If owners wish to feed concentrates, we ask them to do this outside the fields which may hold groups of about 8 - 12 ponies.

Half livery is another option we offer. The horses are usually kept in at night during the winter and by day during the summer. Some horses need to be in at night all year. We muck out, feed, hay and turnout your horse and you just need to groom and ride it.

Full livery. We still have a number of full liveries vacancies on offer for the busy owner. We have your horse ready to ride when you arrive and we look after everything when you return.

Plaiting, Clipping and Trimming available by arrangement except for Full Liveries where it is all included in the price if required.

At Ford Farm we are pleased to offer a number of facilities to our livery clients or any horse owners looking to hire out arena space. Our popular all weather arena and horsewalker are both available for use by clients and others. Ideal for veterinary referrals, recuperating animals and as an aid to maintaining fitness especially during the winter months.

Holiday Livery is also available at a cost of £20 a stable for the first nights stay and £10 a night thereafter. For those clients looking for a complete rest during their holiday we can also offer a mucking out service for a futher £10 per day,

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